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Folgers has a new (and intentionally awkward) holiday commercial

Move over Peloton, Folgers has its own awkward holiday commercial.
/ Source: TODAY

The best part of waking up is definitely not accidentally stumbling upon your father-in-law soaping himself up in the shower.

Folgers has put a twist on its usual warm and fuzzy holiday commercials by highlighting the awkwardness that can occur with family during the Christmas season. That includes opening the curtain to what you thought was an empty shower to see something you can't unsee.

Gone are the days of a person wearing comfy pajamas or a sweater and deeply inhaling the smell of a steaming cup of Folgers on the edge of their bed. In the new commercial, a young woman is seen getting ready to take off her robe to hop into a hot shower when she gets an unwelcome surprise.

"Your husband woke up first, now you've got something up your sleeve/ What you didn't know was you were surprising your father-in-law, Steve," the jingle goes.

She then is handed a hot cup of Folgers and consoled by a group of people clad in red satin, whom the company dubbed the Folgers Morning Harmonizers in a news release about the commercials.

Hoda Kotb and guest host Harry Connick Jr. got a good laugh out of the commercial Thursday on TODAY with Hoda & Jenna.

"Now that's comedy,'' Hoda said. "You don't expect that from Folgers. You expect warm and fuzzy."

"That's pretty funny,'' Connick Jr. said. "That's a bold choice."

The shower encounter is one of three new Folgers holiday commercials, with the other two being a carpool ride from hell and a dad dressed as Santa getting stuck in the chimney.

Unlike Peloton's cringey holiday commercial, the Folgers ads are intentionally awkward.

"For Folgers Coffee, our objective for the creative was to shift our storytelling from traditions of the past to modern relatable mornings," Tina Meyer-Hawkes, vice president of marketing on coffee at The J.M. Smucker Company, said in a news release.

Not that Folgers has been immune to unintentional awkwardness of its own around the holidays.

A 2009 Folgers commercial featured an adult brother and sister reuniting at Christmas, with the sister peeling off the bow from a gift and placing it on his chest before saying, "You're my present this year."

The spot became a polarizing clip between those who saw it as a warm moment between siblings, and those who were creeped out by the seeming sexual tension between the brother and his sister.

The actor who played the brother in the commercial told Vanity Fair that even his parents had a field day with it, buying him a coffee mug with his face on it as a joke and then drinking Folgers together during the holidays.

We'll even take father-in-law Steve over that kind of awkwardness.