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Chick-fil-A manager gets creative to help teen employee find a prom date

Who says you can’t mix your work life with your dating life?
/ Source: TODAY

Some say it's not a good idea to mix your personal life with your work life.

Don't tell that to Chick-fil-A employee Tanner Waters.

The 17-year-old from Winter Springs, Florida, is currently on the lookout for a great date to prom — and he's using his job to find the right candidate.

Tanner Waters gets help from Chick-fil-A in finding prom date.
Tanner Waters gets help from Chick-fil-A in finding prom date.Tanner Waters

On Monday, date-less Waters was debating with a friend (who also happens to be his co-worker) about who he should ask to his upcoming prom. Though he had a couple girls in mind, the high school senior just wasn't sure. His friend joked that he should just invite the store's owner, Billy McClarnon. Waters told TODAY Food he had no shame in asking his boss, who jested in return he was just a "little too old" to attend prom.

McClarnon did, however, have another crafty solution to help his young employee find the right young lady to take to the dance.

"He said, 'If you need some help, I can put it up on the marquee,'" Waters said.

Waters said he was entertained by the idea of sharing the burden of a prom date search with the tasty chicken franchise, but did not think McClarnon would actually follow through.

Much to his surprise, after leaving work that day, Waters' manager called to say McClarnon made good on his promise. Outside the store, sandwiched on a sign between "Breakfast" and "Closed Sunday" were the words "Tanner needs a prom date! Details inside."

"He put it up the same day! It's so funny. I was dying," Waters said.

Since the sign went up, Waters says he's been bombarded with inquiries and now has a lot of great choices.

"There have been bunch of people who’ve come in," Waters told TODAY Food. "Some have offered to buy me dinner, some want to take pictures, some [parents] have even offered their daughters."

He's been getting direct messages on Twitter, as well as some feedback from friends.

"Someone wife this man," one tweeter wrote.

Another said, "I'll be your prom date hands down."

And it would appear some other Chick-fil-A restaurants are trying to get in on the action with their own "promposal" inspiration.

While Waters has yet to receive the romantic gesture of a "promposal," one of his original candidates asked him about going together. Waters told TODAY Food he's still not sure who he'll choose, but he's excited by the many young ladies who have come forward.

Waters' big night is April 18 and, regardless of who he brings, he's sure it will be a fun time.

When asked about his ideal evening, he replied, "Honestly I'm just trying to have a great night. Have a good time after — Enjoy. It’s senior year!"