Feed a hungry crowd with easy orange pork roast and garlicky collard greens

/ Source: TODAY

Whether you're hosting a football-watching party or a family dinner, Lucinda Scala Quinn's recipes for roast pork and garlicky collard greens will score. The largely hands-off orange pork marinates and cooks in the same sauce. Roast it low and slow in the oven while you take care of other things. Then whip up the Brazilian-style collard greens just before serving.

Caramelized Orange Pork Roast
Garlicky Collard Greens

Garlicky Collard Greens

Lucinda Scala Quinn

Scala Quinn offers this game-plan for game-day feasting:

  1. Open a couple large long baguettes.
  2. Schmear on some of the salty-sweet porky juices.
  3. Pile on some pork and top with the collards.
  4. Close and cut into individual sandwiches.
  5. Serve on a long board with bottles of hot sauce and cold beer.

You can can even make the baguettes in advance, wrap in foil to reheat, then slice.

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