Feast your eyes: Photos of your homemade meals

Sean Michael Beyer / Today
Smoked Turkey Bacon Deviled Eggs topped with Caramelized Onion and a dusting of Paprika; was this Easter's appetizer when guests arrived. Tasty! (prepared and photographed by me).

There's nothing like gorgeous food photos to whet your appetite and inspire the culinary adventurer within you. Each week, we'll showcase some of the best images from readers who've traveled the globe in search of exciting eats. Send in your photos here and be sure to tell us what makes your photo so interesting.

This week, we took a detour and focused on yummy homemade meals, since so many of you had creations worth showcasing.

Umita Unni / Today
Indian rice crisps
Lauren O'Bryan Craft / Today
I made this lovely pumpkin polenta w/ salsa fresca from the Gluten-Free Goddess recipe and it is as delicious as it looks!
Amy Langrehr / Today
Caprese skewers
Mike Gembala / Today
New York Strip steak (perfect medium temp) with a medley of peppers, onion and mushrooms.
Mia Syn / Today
Homemade pizzas for summer
Claudia Olsen / Today
Grilled pork tenderloin with cherry salsa
Jonathan Halpin / Today
Veggie burgers
Kirsten Pitini / Today
Homemade raisin bars. Recipe has been passed down generation by generation. Made by Kookies by Kirsten