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Fast-food employee feeds man with disability in moving video

A viral video of a Brazilian fast-food employee feeding a customer with a disability is restoring peoples' faith in humanity.
/ Source: TODAY

Millions of people from all over the world are saying thanks to one woman who posted a simple yet heartwarming video on Facebook of a stranger's act of kindness.

While sitting at a mall food court in Salvador, Brazil, Laurinha Victória noticed an employee from Giraffas (a major fast food chain in the country) bring a seated customer his meal. When the employee saw that the man was having difficulty using his arms, he sat beside the customer and helped him eat.

That's when Victória decided to hit record.

"Today I was taken by emotion with tears in my eyes," Victória wrote in her caption (translated by Facebook). "That's the real charity, what a beautiful thing. I came to him and said, what a beautiful gesture you are having.. God bless you."

The video has since gone viral throughout the world with over 19 million views and over 450,000 shares on Facebook alone.

Aside from garnering views, the video has also caused an outpouring of grateful reactions, praising the employee for restoring their faith in humanity.

"The world needs more people like that," one person commented on Facebook.

"What a beautiful example this is for us," another said.

Another commented that the video made them feel "motivated," continuing, "It is impossible not to be emotional with this video so much injustice so much lack of love in the world in which we live and we find ourselves with a gesture of affection as beautiful as this" (translated by Facebook).

On Twitter, the reactions were similar:

One tweeter wrote this is the kind of "random act of kindness" that should be done everyday and how good it feels when you're on the other end of it.

José Rubens Pontes, a member of the Giraffas communication team, told TODAY Food that the employee spreading inspiration internationally is 17-year-old Wellington Bruno de Oliveira Sacramento, an intern from Salvador working at the Salvador Norte Shopping unit.

"We train and instruct our employees to understand and attend customers needs and desires," Pontes told TODAY Food by email, via a spokesperson. "And in that case, Bruno went beyond any market customer experience notion, by helping a human being. It was his call as he saw the situation. We are very proud to have a person like that in our organization. Not only in a professional spectrum, but in a human and social perspective."

Pontes added that Giraffas plans to pay it forward to Sacramento for his good deed, but would not yet disclose exactly what the company will do to celebrate the employee.