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Fashion icon Marc Jacobs got engaged ... at Chipotle?

We knew Jacobs was one to make a statement — but we didn't expect such a cheesy one.
/ Source: TODAY

As everyone knows, the way to a person's heart is through their stomach.

So, definitely don't propose to someone if they've got an empty one. Before you pop the question, fill 'em up with "engagement" chicken, hot chocolate, or even Chipotle — like fashion icon Marc Jacobs did.

On Wednesday night, the celebrity designer proposed to his longtime partner, model/candlemaker Charly Defrancesco, at grainy queso-maker Chipotle, after a flash mob performed for the couple.

We knew Jacobs was one to make a statement — but we didn't expect such a cheesy one. (Get it? 'Cause it's a burrito place? Ugh.)

And no, the ring was not inside an avocado. That would have been extra.

After the endearingly uncoordinated group of dancers finished their performance to Prince's "Kiss," Jacobs, 54, got down on one knee (and, fortunately, not into some sour cream) to pop the question.

Thankfully, this meal had a sweet ending: Defrancesco said, in a moment of sincere surprise, yes!

"There have definitely been proposals and wedding receptions at Chipotle, and we’re always pleased when we can contribute in any way to such a special occasion," a Chipotle spokesperson told TODAY Food, adding that the chain wishes the newly engaged couple "all the best!"

Could you imagine if Jacobs and Defrancesco actually had their wedding at the Mexican Grill chain, too? Maybe it would look like the one that took place at Taco Bell — except, you know, high fashion.