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Fans are loving Nigella Lawson's throwback photo from her 20s

The chef has been an outspoken critic of Photoshop.
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Nigella Lawson took part in the "Me at 20" photo challenge on Twitter.David M. Benett / Getty Images
/ Source: TODAY

Celebrity chef Nigella Lawson is known for her culinary skills and soothing kitchen demeanor, but it looks like the she has several great beauty tricks up her sleeve, too.

After sharing a throwback photo of herself on Twitter, the 60-year-old's fans are clamoring for her anti-aging secrets and applauding the chef for maintaining her signature smile and glow through the years.

Late last week, Lawson posted the vintage snap on Twitter as part of the "Me at 20" challenge, which encourages people to share photos of themselves from when they were 20 years old.

"Can’t find one at 20, so here’s one when I was 23," Lawson captioned the post, which has quickly garnered over 48,000 likes.

Lawson's Twitter followers were amazed at how little the chef has changed over the past 37 years.

Several fans wanted to know the recipe to her seemingly ageless look.

The throwback photo definitely had many fans doing a quick double take.

One fan even thanked the chef for making her smile during these difficult times.

The "Me at 20" challenge has slowly been taking over Twitter, producing several popular hashtags, including #MeAt20, #20yearsold and #Age20.

Over the weekend, British chef James Martin also got in on the fun and shared his own throwback photo.

"Frozen" star Josh Gad shared a comical blast from the past in a shot where he's seen sporting blond hair.

Actress and former late night talk show host Busy Philipps delighted fans with this flashback shot, captioning her post, "Me at 20. Do I win something?"

Despite the many great photos the challenge has revealed, Lawson's age-defying throwback photo is pretty hard to beat. Plus, the chef's previous comments revealing her attitude on aging and body image are pretty noteworthy. In 2018, the chef spoke out against airbrushed magazine photos.

"I’ve had to tell American tv stations not to airbrush my sticking out stomach," she posted on Twitter at the time. "The hatred of fat, and assumption that we’d all be grateful to be airbrushed thinner is pernicious."