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'Family Feud' contestant's hilariously wrong answer about Popeyes goes viral

The contestant's little victory dance was also priceless.
/ Source: TODAY

When it comes to game shows, "Family Feud" is an undeniable classic. The series, which has been around for decades, even has its own version in Canada (who knew?) and while it's not hosted by Steve Harvey, a now-viral clip making the internet rounds proves the Canadian adaptation is also filled with priceless wrong answers.

On the episode of "Family Feud Canada" that aired Thursday, host Gerry Dee was gearing up to ask the final question during a sudden death round.

“Real simple. There’s one question. Only one answer. Whoever gets it, you're playing for $10,000. That’s it. Whoever gets this wins the game."

“Name Popeye’s favorite food," he said.

Dee barely finishes asking his question before contestant Eve Dubois eagerly hit her buzzer.

"Chhhhiiiiiccckkkkeeennnnnnn," she confidently half-shouts, half-sings into the mic while doing a little shimmy dance.

The camera pans to her distraught family members who can be heard groaning. "Oh my God!" someone exclaims.

Like millions of people who love fried chicken, it seems that Dubois was temporarily possessed by thoughts of Popeyes' wildly popular chicken sandwich. Even though it wasn't released in Canada, we find it hard to believe that our neighbors to the north were immune from the chaotic buzz surrounding the chicken chain's latest offering.

Regardless, Dee was clearly referencing Popeye the cartoon sailor.

Dubois' opponent quickly chimes in. "Spinach, Gerry," he states simply. His family erupts with happiness and he jumps up and down with glee.

Meanwhile, Dubois, not quite ready to accept the fact that she had perhaps blown one of the world's easiest questions stays at the podium and tries to explain herself.

“I thought you meant Popeyes chicken!” she says.

Dee imitates her shimmy dance. Dubois dances again. Her family does not.

Since the clip of the incident popped up online, reactions on social media have been nothing short of priceless.

Many people felt for her family.

A few people actually thought that the question was a little bit unfair.

Though the majority of respondents (54 out of 100) said "spinach," many people on Twitter pointed out that meant dozens of people would have also gotten the question wrong.

After receiving a wave of publicity for its chicken sandwich last fall, Popeyes is clearly riding high on its relatively newfound social media fame.

As Dubois hilarious gaffe continued to make the rounds on Twitter, Popeyes decided to take action. On Friday, the chain tweeted out an offer just for Dubois: "Our survey says you got that right. DM us to claim your $10,000 worth of Popeyes."

So while Dubois and her family may have missed out on a big cash prize, it looks like they'll be enjoying fried chicken, cajun fries and biscuits for many meals to come. A rep for Popeyes was not immediately available to confirm whether Dubois had reached out to the chain by Monday.

This story was originally published Jan. 10, 2020 and has been updated with new information.