Flavorful fall sides: Brussels sprouts slaw and twice-baked sweet potatoes

Make the side dishes the stars of the meal with these beloved fall vegetables.
/ Source: TODAY

Chef Matthew Harris of Tupelo Park City in Utah is joining TODAY Food to share a few of his favorite recipes for savory fall side dishes.

He shows us how to make a Brussels sprout and apple slaw with pecans and twice-baked sweet potatoes with candied bacon.

"The apples bring a crisp sweetness to the slaw and the miso and Parmesan pack a big umami punch," says Harris.

"Sorghum adds a caramel, earthy sweetness that isn't overwhelmingly sugary. It plays well with the warmth of the paprika and traditional baking spices. Candied bacon brings a smoky sweetness and a playful crunch to the dish."

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