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/ Source: TODAY
By Erica Chayes Wida

Katie Couric loves to kick back with a great meal and cocktail. But one of her favorite foods is something most of us likely already have stocked up in our pantries.

In an interview with Grub Street, the former TODAY anchor described exactly what she ate for four days in August.

The food log is peppered with delicious bits of information, like how drinking in the day makes her sleepy, how food reignites "happy memories" from her childhood and how she and Hillary Clinton prefer talking grandkids over politics — at least most of the time.

Katie Couric created a food log for Grub Street and admitted to her loving affair with chocolate chip cookies and aversion to Miracle Whip.TODAY

Couric relayed her food diary primarily from her home in the Hamptons, where she enjoys plucking fresh, ripe tomatoes from her garden and popping into the local cafe for coffee. For lunch (and dinner) she enjoyed fresh tomato sandwiches. And when it comes to how they're prepared, she is adamant about the brand of mayo used.

"The sandwich was on Pepperidge Farm white bread. I graduated from white bread when I was in my teens, but a good tomato sandwich must be on white bread," Couric said. The tomatoes were from her own garden, obviously.

"I used Hellmann’s mayo, which is the best mayo, and I love mayo. I don’t get along with people who prefer Miracle Whip," she said.

She added someone once suggested she try a brand called Duke's, which is made in her home state of Virginia, but she hasn't seen it anywhere in New York.

"Also, I’d feel unfaithful to Hellmann’s, which is such the mayonnaise of my youth," Couric said.

In addition to her unwavering mayo preference, Couric completely supports Ina Garten's love for Maldon sea salt, a flaky salt great for topping (but not cooking) on many dishes.

Couric also admitted to having an obsession with chocolate chip cookies (who doesn't?) and an undeniable sweet tooth.

"Around 5 p.m., these little Russian tea cake–type cookies were staring at me from the island in my kitchen," she said on the first day of her log. "I really didn’t want to eat one, but they kept looking at me and calling my name, so I ate two. I have a terrible sweet tooth and cookies are my downfall."

While attending many lovely dinner parties and events during the summer, Couric also managed to nail down a favorite cocktail to wash all her favorite foods down.

"Palomas made with tequila, grapefruit juice, lime juice, and seltzer have been my go-to summer drink," she said.

How refreshing — we'll cheers to that!