7 tasty Halloween treats to serve at a perfectly spooktacular party

These recipes are all treats and no tricks for a wicked bash both kids and adults will enjoy.
Puff pastry wrapped mummy brie
Nathan Congleton

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By Helen Ray

If you're planning a big Halloween bash or just a small (but spooky) get together, these recipes are all you'll need for a frightful event. Elizabeth Heiskell stopped by TODAY to share a few of her favorites freaky foods from severed finger hot dogs for kids to a bloody vampire cranberry cocktail that's perfect for adult revelers.

1. Spooky Avocado Dip With Tortilla Chips

This avocado dip takes guacamole to the next level with the help of a carved pumpkin and clever placement of the creamy green dip.

2. Severed Finger Hot Dogs

With ketchup and a little handy knife work, you can turn hot dogs into realistic-looking fingers. This kid-friendly snack also has swap options for vegetarians or those who don't eat pork.

Severed Finger Hot Dogs

Severed Finger Hot Dogs

Elizabeth Heiskell

3. Pastry Puff-Wrapped Mummy Brie

How adorable is this mummified brie cheese? Not all Halloween treats have to be spooky. This puff pastry-wrapped brie is delicious, gooey and looks just as good as it tastes!

Pastry Puff Wrapped Mummy Brie

4. Batty Cream Cheese and Pecan Rolled Grapes

These cream cheese and pecan rolled grapes feature a fun surprise inside when someone takes a bite.

5. Rice Crispy Treat Brains

A little red icing goes a long way to make these sweet brains look incredibly realistic. Plus, with few ingredients and few steps, this crowd pleaser is also easy to make.

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6. Bloody Vampire Cocktail

A classic cranberry cocktail is the perfect Halloween treat when redubbed as a bloody Vampire cocktail.

Halloween Vampire Cranberry Cocktail

7. Gummy Worm Shooters

This versatile recipe makes for a fun dessert kids can slurp up throughout the part. For an adult twist, add a little vodka.

Gummy Worm Shooter

Gummy Worm Shooter

Elizabeth Heiskell