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This egg-peeling hack is going viral – but does it work?

A slightly aggressive egg-peeling method is getting a lot of attention.
/ Source: TODAY

Hard-boiled eggs are healthy, inexpensive and easy to eat on the go, but sometimes it takes more time to peel one than it does to simply eat it.

The internet is littered with egg-peeling hacks but a video posted to Twitter on Sunday is getting a lot of attention — over 3 million and views and counting — because it purportedly shows a technique that will allow you to peel an egg in just a few seconds.

In the video, a person is seen placing an egg inside a small glass then filling the glass with some water. The glass is then shaken firmly for about five seconds, at which point a hand slides the egg out of the glass and, with a gently squeeze, the shell slips right off the egg like a snake shedding its skin.

Though the trick certainly looks impressive, the video may be going viral because it's sparked a fierce debate over whether this technique could actually work.

Many people were totally floored by the hack.

Some people have apparently tried the trick, but experienced mixed results.

Still, many others are pretty sure it doesn't work at all.

Several people were simply concerned that the egg shaker left the tap water running while peeling said egg. How wasteful!

While there are many good ways to peel hard-boiled eggs, the end result often depends on several factors, including the freshness of the eggs before you even cook them. This variation in egg type and freshness is likely why some methods seem to work better than others. TODAY Food has tried and tested enough methods to know that at least there's a better way to peel multiple eggs at a time — and it doesn't involve glass.

After your boiled eggs have thoroughly cooled, place five or six in a small plastic container and add some water. Place the lid on the container and then gently shake the eggs back and forth, just until the shells break apart from the egg. Then simply slide off the loosened peel.

You'll still have to pat those eggs dry but, with this trick, at least it will be much easier to whip up a big batch of egg salad in no time.