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Easy and healthy back-to-school lunches that kids will love

Skip the lunch box blues! Try these creative school lunch ideas to add a little excitement to the school day.
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If you've ever heard the words "ewww, Mom" in the morning, you know that figuring out a perfect school lunch can feel like an impossible task.

The goal: find something that can be served cold or at room temperature, packed the night before and not get soggy, doesn't take too much time and passes the all important "ewww" test. Sigh. Don't give up hope just yet — here are 11 school lunch ideas to make your life easier.

Mini monster sandwiches

Turn a ham-and-cheese into a cute way to say boo!

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Minion bento sandwich

Feeling creative? Make these Minion sandwiches that are almost too cute to eat.

Laura Fuentes / MOMables

Cookie dough yogurt

Banish boring yogurt and whip up this sweet version that tastes like cookie dough.

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Lisa Storms

Dolphin bento box

In this ocean-themed lunch, dolphin-shaped sandwiches swim with Goldfish cracker friends, while a clementine orange boat (outfitted with a cheese sail) floats on a blue Jell-O sea. Cute cucumber starfish pep up the vegetable.

Laura Fuentes / TODAY

Healthy "pizza" lunch

Mix up the toppings so your kids can customize their "mini pizzas" using pita triangles and/or cucumbers as a base.

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PB & J Sushi
PB & J SushiPopsugar Food

PB&J sushi sandwiches

Jazz up an ordinary PB&J by making this kid-friendly sushi.

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Modern muffaletta sandwich

Building the perfect non soggy sandwich is all about strategic layering. This sandwich only gets better as the ingredients sit together.

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Popsugar Food

Message in a bottle sandwich

Letter and shape cookie cutters are the key to this super cute way to say "good luck" before a big test.

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These falafel balls made with peas are a kid-friendly take on the Middle Eastern dish and a smart way to sneak in more veggies. We admit, it might be a stretch for picky eaters, but once they taste it, they'll love it.

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Donatella Arpaia's recipe for homemade meatballs - perfect for a spaghetti dinner or mini sliders for lunch. - August 19, 2015Samantha Okazaki / TODAY

Mama's meatballs

Whip up these meatballs for a school night dinner and use the leftovers for lunch in a sandwich. They're just as good served cold or at room temperature!

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I heart panini

Show your kids your love through food with these adorable panini.

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