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Dylan Dreyer's 'new favorite breakfast' is an homage to her home state

The 3rd Hour of TODAY co-host shared a video of herself cutting into her breakfast — and started a very meaty New Jersey debate.
Dylan Dreyer Eggs Benedict

Dylan Dreyer revealed her "new favorite breakfast" on Instagram this morning — and accidentally waded into a contentious New Jersey debate in the process.

On Wednesday, the 3rd Hour of TODAY co-host shared a short video of herself cutting into a breakfast dish.

"What started as a way to get rid of some produce before it went bad turned into a work of art," she wrote in the caption. "I'm calling this the Jersey Benedict: English muffin, fresh smashed avocado, fresh sliced Jersey tomato, PORK ROLL, sautéed spinach, topped with a poached egg."

The video shows her cutting into the poached eggs atop the Benedict, revealing a perfectly runny yolk.

Many agreed that the dish looked delicious, but there were a few qualms about one of the ingredients listed: "PORK ROLL." New Jerseyans have argued for years about whether the pork product is known as "pork roll" or "Taylor ham" (the product was first developed by John Taylor). Generally, North Jersey residents call it "Taylor ham," while those in South Jersey refer to it as "pork roll," with people in Central Jersey using a combo of the two.

Some argued that Dylan, who was born and raised in Manalapan, New Jersey, should have gone with "Taylor ham."

"Don't you mean Taylor Ham?" asked one Instagram user, with a smiley face.

"You mean Taylor Ham" added another, with a crying-laughing emoji.

"Pork roll???? It's Taylor ham!" insisted yet another commenter.

Others cheered on Dylan's word choice.

"You had me at 'pork roll,'" wrote one user.

A particularly enthusiastic commenter wrote "PORK. ROLL!!" in all caps, followed by several hand-clapping emojis.

"PORK ROLL. 'nuff said," added a third.

And some just cheered on the obvious New Jersey roots of the sandwich.

"Yup, you're Jersey," commented one person.

Dylan, who shares plenty of cooking videos as part of her "Cooking with Cal" series, is far from the first public figure to bring attention to the state debate. During a 2016 commencement speech at Dylan's alma mater, Rutgers University, former President Barack Obama joked that he knew "better than to get in the middle of" the debate. In 2019, the MTV Video Music Awards were held in Newark, New Jersey — and celebs on the red carpet were asked to weigh in on the important question.