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Dunkin' created a hot sauce-filled doughnut – here's where to find it

Can't decide between doughnuts and spicy hot wings? This treat is for you.
Is this spicy doughnut a dream come true or a nightmare?
Is this spicy doughnut a dream come true or a nightmare? Dunkin'
/ Source: TODAY

On the heels of one of the biggest food-consumption days of the year, the chain formerly known as Dunkin' Donuts and Frank's RedHot just teamed up to create a snack we never saw coming: a jelly doughnut covered in hot sauce.

During Sunday's Super Bowl, the hot sauce brand accepted a dare from its social media followers and covered a Dunkin' doughnut in some cayenne pepper sauce.

The end result was apparently so delectable that Dunkin' decided to let customers in on the fun all day Monday by handing out free spicy doughnuts at two locations in Miami.

After the unexpected treat made its debut during a cheeky "Spin the Bottle" game show on Frank's Twitter account, hot sauce lovers everywhere instantly offered their seal of approval.

Some Twitter users suggested an extra ingredient to make the doughnut even more delicious: bacon.

Even though many people were intrigued by the idea of a doughnut covered in hot sauce, not everyone was totally on board with combo.

Despite the hot hype, there's just one little catch to this doughnut deal: the official version is only available in Miami for the day.

Many on social media were collectively disappointed that they couldn't get their hands on a Frank’s RedHot Jelly Donut in their hometown.

If you're not in Miami right now but can't imagine life going on without a hot sauce-covered doughnut, Dunkin's Manager of Donut Excellence Rick Golden shared the secret behind the limited-edition treat on Dunkin's blog, and it sounds like it took a lot of work to perfect.

Golden and his team tested more than a dozen different doughnut combos (including tiny Munchkins) before settling on a yeast pastry shell filled with the chain's apple-raspberry jelly. The masterpiece was topped with white icing and then drizzled with Frank’s RedHot Original Cayenne Pepper Sauce.

The great news is that this special doughnut doesn't really involve any hard-to-find ingredients — as long as you live near a Dunkin' — so you can always recreate it at home. Simply grab a box of your favorite iced jelly doughnuts (or any other flavor, really) and drizzle a touch of hot sauce on top.

We recommend keeping a napkin handy in case the mix doesn't quite agree with your tastebuds.