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Dunkaroos are coming back to supermarket shelves this summer

The classic 1990s snack will return to supermarkets just in time for sweet summer snacking.
Dunkaroos are coming back to grocery stores this summer.
Dunkaroos are coming back to grocery stores this summer. General Mills
/ Source: TODAY

Get ready to party like it's 1999. Or 1996. Or literally any year in the 1990s because Dunkaroos are finally returning to store shelves.

Soon kids of all ages will once again be able to slam dunk crunchy kangaroo-themed cookies into little tubs of frosting. Dunkaroos haven't been available in the U.S. since Betty Crocker (which is owned by General Mills) stopped selling them in 2012. After the snack's untimely demise, super fans could travel to Canada for some Dunkaroos or try to pretend Walmart's store-brand version, Dunk 'N Crunch, tasted the same.

It didn't.

After months of speculation, the official Dunkaroos Twitter account confirmed Monday that the cookies are "definitely coming back" this summer.

While the original Dunkaroos lineup had a handful of cookie and frosting combinations, just one will be released this summer: Vanilla Cookies with Vanilla Frosting with Rainbow Sprinkles. People hankering for other variations, like graham cookies with chocolate frosting or chocolate chip cookies with rainbow sprinkle frosting, will have to wait. A spokesperson for General Mills was not able to confirm a specific date for the cookies return but said that the cookies will first be available at 7-Eleven stores nationwide, before rolling out to other convenience stores and grocery purveyors.

Dunkaroos will re-launch in stores this summer in single-serve packs of Vanilla Cookies with Vanilla and Sprinkles frosting.General Mills/Betty Crocker

So why the sudden nationwide comeback?

While other 90's snack foods like Planters Cheez Ball cans and Oreo O's cereal have been popping up in grocery stores lately, the General Mills spokesperson told TODAY Food that Dunkaroos' summer debut was decided after countless admire-roos and celebrities pleaded for its return.

In April 2018, Kim Kardashian West tweeted she was "obsessed."

And in September, Chrissy Teigen shared how she settled for a knock-off dessert (called "kadunks") after a craving struck.

In October, Instagram account junkfoodleaks_, which taste tests new snacks like Oreo's Team USA cookies, posted about Dunkaroos' return.

"I am exicted (sic) to push the icing pocket inside out after finishing my Dunkaroo cookies and lick the rest of the icing. Unfortunately for now, I have no actual proof to bequeath you with — I wish I did," the Carb Cadet wrote.

On Monday, Dunkaroos commented: "It's happening."

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Considering how much has changed since the 1990s, kudos to Dunkaroos for adopting a social media presence that is very 2020.