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Buzzkill! Booze is the latest shortage you could face this holiday season

Supply chain backups and a shortage of glass bottles for wine and spirits could mean more difficulty in finding your favorite alcohol over the holidays.

It might take a little more effort to find that favorite booze to wash down the Thanksgiving turkey this year.

The global supply chain issues that have caused issues with a host of products are now leading to a shortage of wine and spirits in some areas.

Experts say we aren't going to completely run out of wine and spirits as Thanksgiving approaches on Thursday, but consumers may have to go to a few different stores before finally landing that preferred bottle.

In addition to shortages of turkey, canned goods and more products at the grocery store, shipping delays and other issues have also caused a backup with wine and spirits.

“We’re seeing some shortages coming from the large distillers, and also the craft distillers are having issues as well," David Ozgo of the Distilled Spirits Council told NBC Morning News Now anchor Joe Fryer on TODAY Wednesday.

Multiple states have been experiencing issues since September, with some like Pennsylvania instituting purchase limits to help ration the liquor supply.

Many high-end liquors like scotch and cognac are stuck in back-up ports, as around 40% of the hard alcohol in the United States is imported.

“We’re seeing some shortages coming from the large distillers and also the craft distillers are having issues as well.”

There also is a short supply of glass bottles that hold wine and spirits that has added to the headache.

"I know they’re having massive issues," Phil Long, the founder of California's Longevity Wines, told Fryer. "I know for us, it’s hit and miss whether the glass is available."

Long's company has produced enough supply of wine to keep up with the high demand, but can't procure enough bottles to put it in, leaving the wine stuck in storage tanks for now.

"More and more, we’re having to leave wine in these tanks or purchase additional tanks to help store the wine," he said. "There’s the chance of wine going bad and wine being not what you wanted it to be."

The sobering shortage could extend through the holidays, according to some industry insiders.

"Some of the products where we’re seeing shortages for Thanksgiving, there’s a good chance that we’ll see shortages around the Christmas season as well," Ozgo said.

"Be prepared for definitely a little bit of a shelf sticker shock when you go to buy your wine," Long said. "And if you find your wine, my suggestion is to stock up."