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Dylan reveals the drink she’d always order when she was pregnant

The mom of three shared her go-to drink as she and her 3rd hour of TODAY co-hosts sampled what could be the drink of the summer.
/ Source: TODAY

Dylan Dreyer is giving the Dirty Shirley her seal of approval.

Dylan, Al Roker, Sheinelle Jones and Craig Melvin all had a taste of what The New York Times suggests could be the drink of the summer during the 3rd hour of TODAY on Monday.

The Dirty Shirley is a traditional Shirley Temple featuring Sprite and grenadine but also includes a splash of vodka. The drink has inspired a trend that’s been sweeping TikTok.

After Dylan sampled the adult version of the classic nonalcoholic cocktail, she shared that the Shirley Temple was her go-to drink while she was pregnant with her three sons, Cal, 5, Ollie, 2, and Rusty, 8 months.

“I will say, when I was pregnant with all of my kids, the Shirley Temple is what I would always get,” she said before adding, “It’s about time we added vodka to the Shirley Temple.”

Dylan declared that the Dirty Shirley is “delicious.” However, she had a different take on the Aperol spritz, which held the title of drink of the summer a few years ago.

After Dylan took her first sip of the beloved cocktail, she scrunched her face before asking, “What’s so bitter in there?”

Dylan Dreyer
Dylan enjoyed drinking Shirley Temples during her pregnancies.Nathan Congleton / TODAY

During Dylan’s pregnancies, the Shirley Temple wasn’t the only staple in her diet.

While the TODAY meteorologist was pregnant with Ollie, her husband, Brian Fichera, revealed her pregnancy cravings to the world. In an Instagram post in August 2019, he posted what he declared “Dylan Dreyer’s pregnancy survival kit” in the caption of the post, adding the hashtag #pregnancycravings.

The photo showcased three must-have items for Dylan at the time, including one bottle of assorted fruit Tums, a box of Reese’s Pieces candy, and a tub of chocolate powder from Nesquik.