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Dr Pepper has a new soda that tastes like birthday cake and vanilla frosting

Yes, it's a real thing. But it's only available to select fans on a very special occasion.
Dr Pepper
/ Source: TODAY

Listen up Dr Pepper fans, there's a new flavor of the soda available — but not just anyone will be able to get their hands on a can.

This week, a few lucky people have been posting pictures of a special birthday box they've received in the mail from Dr Pepper containing a new drink: It's called Icing on the Cake Birthday Cake Dr Pepper.

Along with the new soda, the boxes also contain a few extras like a Dr Pepper balloon, confetti and a birthday hat. The kit also comes with a card that says:

To the Birthday Pepper, (cute!)

Since you’re a die-hard Dr Pepper fan, your birth month is, well, kind of a big deal to us. So to celebrate, we’ve created a limited-edition Birthday Cake-flavored Dr Pepper and some exclusive party supplies to help commemorate your existence. Don’t drink it all in one place. Or do. It is YOUR Birthday after all.

Happy Birthday,

The Dr Pepper Team

But Dr Pepper isn't just randomly sending this new soda to people born in July. All of the social media posters are members of Dr Pepper's Pepper Pack, an ambassador program for fans of the drink with about 1,000 elite members currently. The company told TODAY Food via email that the kits were made exclusively for members of the Pepper Pack, and that they will be given to each member during their birthday month.

One instagrammer commented, "A normal birthday is great, but a #DrPepperBDAY is truly second to none."

Another recipient said, "Dr Pepper really cementing it’s number one spot in my heart with the best birthday gift ever."

Many just wanted to know how they could snag their own birthday box with cans of the soda.

Looks like they're going to have to apply to become a Pepper Pack member, which consumers can do here. And if you're wondering what it tastes like, one instagrammer said the soda tastes like "rich vanilla frosting from a bakery," and noted that you can "still taste the Dr Pepper underneath the vanilla." Sounds a like a treat for those with a real sweet tooth.

Birthday cake-flavored items have been popular over the last few years with options including birthday cake-flavored Oreos, ice cream and Little Debbie snack cakes.

Soda brands have also been getting more creative with their flavors lately with Diet Coke introducing fruit-flavored drinks and new flavors of Coca-Cola, like Vanilla Orange Coke, Georgia Peach and California Raspberry.

In addition to its classic flavor, Dr Pepper also comes in Cherry and Cherry Vanilla. The brand also released a limited-edition Dark Berry flavor this summer.