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Forget carnations — your mom wants doughnut roses for Mother's Day

Now this is the kind of bouquet we can get behind. New York City's Doughnut Plant has a new product that's perfect for Mother's Day.
/ Source: TODAY

Now this is the kind of bouquet we can get behind. New York City’s Doughnut Plant has a new product that’s perfect for Mother’s Day (and Instagram!) — the Doughflower.

Shaped like a rose, the doughnut is available with a variety of glazes. There’s strawberry, which is made from fresh berries; rose, which features rose water and crushed edible petals; and Italian blood orange, which is made with orange blossom water.

The Doughflower is just one of many foods that seem to have been made for Instagram recently. The picture-perfect bite joins the ranks of fellow Insta-worthy culinary treats such as the spaghetti doughnut and Starbucks’ unicorn Frappuccino.

We’re placing a bet that these rose-shaped fried cakes could be the next big Instagram sensation. And they're definitely in the running to be the big gift for Mother’s Day. (Watch out, bacon and avocado roses… there’s a new bouquet in town.)

Jeff Magness, chief creative officer of Doughnut Plant, describes the Doughflower as having some crunchy bits and some soft doughy parts. “They have layers,” he told TODAY Food. “Each one is made individually by hand. No two are alike.”

Doughnut Plant owner Mark Israel developed the unique technique over five months. “Even after 23 years in business, he is still innovating,” Magness said.

The sweet treats are on the store’s regular menu for now, so it’s not just a Mother’s Day exclusive. Unfortunately, Doughflowers are only available in Doughnut Plant's New York shops and can't be shipped, so if you think Mom would really love one and doesn’t live nearby, you might just have to take her on a trip to the Big Apple (there are worse ideas).