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Domino's app fail: Mom's pizza order arrives without cheese or sauce

Apparently you need to be really, really specific when asking for pizza toppings.
/ Source: TODAY

One Ohio mom's struggle to order a simple pizza with new technology has become a cautionary tale for hungry people everywhere.

Last week, BJ Stead, guitarist for the Ohio-based metal band Miss May I, tweeted out a picture of a cheeseless, sauceless pepperoni pie. Apparently his mother had a little trouble figuring out the Domino’s pizza app, which allows you to customize your pizza — and somehow ended up ordering a pepperoni pizza minus two essential components.

The tweet, which has since gone viral, captured the attention of frozen pizza company, DiGiorno, which, like any social media savvy brand, jumped into the mix to simultaneously take a jab at Domino’s, and offer Stead a solution:

Some are calling foul on the claims put forth by Stead and his mom, Jimmi. After all (and we can attest to this), the Domino’s app makes tomato sauce and cheese a default option that you have to tap on to remove or change.

So did mama Stead just have butter fingers and remove the most important parts of her pizza by mistake? Was this a diabolical anti-Domino’s plot...or simply a cry for attention? We don’t know for sure — Domino’s did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

But we DO know that the quest for pizza while hangry can lead us to have even less hand-eye coordination than normal, so mama Stead’s slip-up is understandable.

Either way, she’s now learned a valuable lesson: call for help when in doubt!