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Does Justin Bieber not know how to eat a burrito? Viral photo sparks debate

The truth behind the photo that nearly broke the internet has finally been revealed.
Justin Bieber, burrito
Justin Bieber, burritoGetty Images
/ Source: TODAY

Justin Bieber has it all: dozens of music awards, a devoted fanbase and a beautiful wife whom he adores. But a photo that recently went viral has many questioning the singer's ability to correctly eat a very popular food.

On Thursday, a photo of someone who looked just like the pop star digging into a burrito started making waves across social media due to the unusual method of consumption.

The person in the photo is holding the burrito sideways and chomping right into the middle of it — instead of starting at one end, as is customary.

There was some speculation that the method to this madness stemmed from the Biebster's Canadian heritage. Was he role playing, joking or was the photo even real at all?

After all, this wasn't the first incident Bieber has ever encountered with the tasty tortilla.

In the spring of last year, Bieber admitted to forgetting the Spanish lyrics of "Despacito," his hit song with Daddy Yankee and Luis Fonsi, during a performance with the Chainsmokers at 1 Oak in New York City.

Requesting help from his audience with the mic pointed outward, Bieber filled in with words like "paquito," "Dorito," and — you guessed it! — "burrito."

Before the truth about how the photo came to be was revealed over the weekend, people on social media pounced on the opportunity to discuss and debate the various issues presented in the image.

A lot of tweeters are horrified.

Really horrified.

And some were a little confused.

"What do you have to say for yourself?" one tweeter wrote to Canada and asked for someone to clarify whether it's actually Bieber in the photo.

Some just thought the whole thing was hilarious.

One tweeter said the musician must have thought the burrito was a harmonica.

Another compared Bieber's technique to the time Nellie (a British woman) from "The Office" ate a taco for the first time.

And one tweeted that even hamsters know how to properly eat a burrito.

And, of course, there are those Beliebers who fiercely defended their idol.

One diplomat even said people should be free to eat a "burrito sandwich" any way they choose. Ahem, is a burrito actually a sandwich, though?

One person noted that perhaps the singer was actually eating a "zoned" burrito properly.

As it turns out, the burrito was not "zoned" and the dozens of skeptics out there were correct to doubt the photo.

That's right. Bieber does not eat his burrito sideways — or at least he hasn't been caught doing it, yet.

In fact, Los Angeles YouTubers Yes Theory, who create videos that often put people in uncomfortable situations, staged the entire operation.

"We wanted to prove a point that staging a story, as goofy as it was, can be done much more easily than most people can imagine," the group of three men with more than 2 million followers said in the explanation video they posted to their channel Sunday.

In 12 minutes, Yes Theory documented the whole process of duping the internet. First, they found Brad Sousa, a Justin Bieber lookalike from Canada and brought him to Los Angeles. The team spent a full day making him look as Bieber-y as possible with a shaggy blonde wig, John Lennon shades and a baggy sweatshirt later. Once Sousa was suitably suited up, they were ready to hit the town and document "Bieber" doing unusual things.

They filmed Sousa getting out of his car mid-traffic to help a (hired) elderly woman cross the street, which was coincidentally witnessed by a Hollywood tour bus filled with very excited tourists.

But the photo of Sousa digging into his burrito from the middle is what really sparked an internet uproar. Because if there's one thing social media cares about more than the Biebster, it's debating heated food topics ... like the proper way to eat a pizza (hint: it's definitely not with a knife and fork!).

Bieber himself has yet to weigh on the controversial staged prank but if he does enjoy a burrito soon, the world will likely be watching his technique very carefully.

This story was originally published Oct. 26, 2018 and has been updated to reflect new information revealed about the prank.