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Do you bite or lick your ice cream? Photo sparks debate

Think there's only one way to eat your ice cream? Think again!
Twitter users are debating the best way to eat ice cream.
Twitter users are debating the best way to eat ice cream.Getty Images stock
/ Source: TODAY

If you thought there was one only way to devour a scoop of ice cream, hold on to your seat — or your teeth. There's a new food debate in town, and it's bound to give you brain freeze.

Licking a dripping cone of ice cream under the hot sun is a summer rite of passage. Something we never pictured in that scenario? Biting into that freezing cold ice cream.

But now we're questioning everything we know, thanks to Twitter user @kissyydior, who posted the question, "Do you bite or lick your ice cream?" to her followers.

The tweeter, who asked to be identified as Roz (last name withheld), also posted queries about other polarizing queries like, "Do you wash your legs and feet in the shower?" and "How do you put your bra on?"

Twitter suddenly broke out in a fierce debate over the best ice cream-eating technique.

Naturally, people experienced a wave of emotions while contemplating this important question. Many understandably shuddered in horror at the thought of biting into a big frozen scoop of anything that cold.

Many folks pondered the obvious question: Wouldn't biting ice cream hurt your teeth?

A bunch of folks had never considered that there were multiple ways to eat ice cream.

Some went so far as to say that they don't trust others those on Team Bite.

Alas, there were a few stragglers who admitted to biting their favorite summery treat. *Shudders*

And some said they lick then bite their ice cream. Interesting.

Roz told TODAY Food that she's been surprised by how many people have already weighed in on the debate.

"I definitely am surprised by the reaction. I made a thread of random topics people always debate about and within an hour my notifications were flooded and it gained more attention," she said, before adding, "I also didn’t expect people to have a full-on debate about the tweet."

Chewing cold ice cream toppings like chocolate chips or cookie dough is understandable, but many people are creeped out by the thought of biting into a freezing cold scoop of ice cream itself.

After all, the brain-freeze struggle is real and it's a scientific phenomenon. When your brain senses cold on the roof of your mouth, it tries to warm itself, momentarily giving you an ice-cream headache, aka a sharp, stabbing pain that starts in the back of your head.

As to whether she's on Team Lick or Team Bite, Roz admitted that she's definitely a licker as her teeth are "too sensitive" to bite something so chilly. And as it turns out, she isn't the only tweeter contemplating the best way to enjoy ice cream.

Just last week, @pjmsreign also polled their followers on the same subject. The race was surprisingly tight in the end, with 47% saying they bite their ice cream, while 53% saying they lick it.