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Bacon roses, strawberry hearts: 5 edible Valentine's Day gifts to make at home

Love is all around. Check out TODAY's Pinterest Valentine's Day board for delicious DIY projects.
/ Source: Today

Valentine's Day and Pinterest are made for each other, just like Romeo and Juliet or chocolate and peanut butter. This year, create something impressive, but still save yourself valuable time by going straight to the TODAY Valentine's Day Pinterest board for inspiration.

You'll find everything from nail-polish designs to romantic gift ideas—here are 5 of our favorite DIY crafts.

XO Valentine's Day Sugar Cookies

Xs are kisses, and Os are hugs. Or is it vice-versa? Regardless, these adorable letter-shaped cookies are decorated with colorful rock candy. To spoof the most common click-baity headline out there, you'll never believe what ingredient you use to dye the topping (hint: it rhymes with "smodka").

Strawberry Heart Skewers

All you need is love, the Beatles sang, and here, all you need is fruit. Strawberries help out by naturally being the color and shape of a valentine.

White Chocolate Valentine's Popcorn

You've never had popcorn this delicious at the movies. Conversation hearts, sprinkles and white chocolate take it to an Oscar-winning level.

Bacon Roses

Real roses are lovely, but these are much more tasty, with the added bonus of no thorns.

Mason jar chic

Valentine's gifts that look cute and taste better! Perfect for teachers, co-workers, neighbors and anyone else who deserves a sweet treat.

Need more Valentine's Day recipes and crafts? Our Pinterest page is the place to be!