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Ditch the pancakes and make mom what she really wants — a steak!

This steak-and-cocktail combo works as a luxurious midday lunch or an elegant dinner.
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Make a pepper-crusted steak and bourbon strawberry lemonade
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Believe us, we know it's nearly impossible to get a straight answer from your own mother about what she wants for Mother's Day, so we took on the difficult task of doing the asking on your behalf. We begged a bunch of moms to tell us the honest truth about how they would like to spend Mother's Day, and here's their true list of demands:

Whether it's a brunch or family dinner, they don't want to do the cooking.

And they don't want to clean up after the meal.

And more than anything, they really want to sleep in and drink their morning coffee in peace.

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That's only three things! You can handle this! So to give Mom what she really wants this year, we've come up with a plan. First, give the woman that cup of coffee she deserves and a few hours of peace. Then, pull together a quick, but elegant meal that doesn't require pancake-flipping or making reservations for a crowded restaurant. Trust us, Mom doesn't need it to be fancy, she just wants a meal she doesn't have to micromanage.

This steak-and-cocktail combination works equally well as a luxurious midday brunch or an evening feast. Serve it with eggs and hash browns and you've got a deluxe breakfast that beats any buffet; accompanied by baked potatoes and your favorite vegetable sides, it's a steakhouse-worthy dinner.

Remember: this is not to be served to Mom in bed, nor is she to lift a single finger to make the meal or clean up after it. Those are the rules! And in the words of one wise mother, "All I ask is to have a day where there is no fighting... Not too much to ask for them all to get along for 24 hours, right?"

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Pepper-Crusted Filet Mignon
Bourbon Strawberry Lemonade