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Disney's new grilled cheese is made with a doughnut bun — so we had to try it

The chef behind the viral grilled cheese says it "took off like glaze over a warm donut."
Since Everglazed opened earlier this month, Disney guests have gone crazy for its doughnut grilled cheese.
Since Everglazed opened earlier this month, Disney guests have gone crazy for its doughnut grilled cheese.Terri Peters
/ Source: TODAY

It's time to make the doughnuts … into grilled cheeses.

Everglazed, a doughnut shop that opened at Walt Disney World earlier this month, is getting lots of sweet reviews for its "Grilled Cheeeeeese" (yes, that's six e's!) sandwich, made with a glazed doughnut instead of bread.

Patrick Steele, the corporate executive chef of the Disney Springs eatery, told TODAY Food the shop offers the option to upgrade any of their sandwiches from a sweet sandwich bun to a glazed doughnut, but it's the grilled cheese version that "took off like glaze over a warm donut."

To make the popular grilled sandwich, Steele said they slice a glazed doughnut in half then grill it cut side down to warm it up.

"Next, we flip them over and layer on the cheese," he said. "We use four slices of American cheese: The classic choice and by far the best for melting. As the cheese melts, the cut halves are put together and the sandwich is flipped on the cooktop a couple of times until the cheese is ready to ooze."

Everglades' Grilled Cheeeeeese is made with a halved glazed doughnut and four slices of American cheese.Terri Peters

After seeing much social media commotion over the cheesy sandwiches, I headed to Disney Springs to try one for myself.

Grilled cheese fans, believe the hype.

Before I could even comment on the gooey American cheese and the sweet caramelized doughnut glaze, my husband said, "This is stupid good."

My husband called the doughnut grilled cheese "stupid good," and I'd have to agree.Terri Peters

And it was. The doughnut grilled cheese was a mouth-watering combination of sugary sweetness and salty melted cheese.

It's that sweet-and-savory combo that Steele says keeps the doughnut sandwich in high demand.

“Sweets are at our core, but balancing that with savory makes a good menu," he said. "Combining the two takes things over the top."