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Disney released its recipe for POG juice — and it's like a tropical vacation in a glass

The blend of passion fruit, orange and guava juices has developed a cult following within Walt Disney World.
POG stands for passion fruit-orange-guava.
POG stands for passion fruit-orange-guava.Courtesy Terri Peters
/ Source: TODAY

Feeling overdue for a tropical getaway? The Disney Parks Blog has you covered.

The official blog of Disney Parks shared a recipe recently for POG Breakfast Juice, a blend of passion fruit, orange and guava juices that's developed a cult following within both Walt Disney World and Aulani, Disney's Hawaiian resort destination.

POG Juice from Disney's Polynesian Village Resort.
POG Juice from Disney's Polynesian Village Resort.Terri Peters

The tropical blend is known as POG juice at some venues, such as Tambu Lounge inside Disney's Polynesian Village Resort, but at other Disney World locations, the colorful drink goes by names like Jungle Juice, Liliko'i Juice and Moonshine Juice.

Whatever fans call it, it's a popular drink and a variation of the original POG juice, which was reportedly created in 1971 by food product consultant Mary Soon who worked for Haleakala Dairy on Maui, Hawaii.

The concoction is so popular, in fact, that Disney Parks also shared a video showing the making of the drink, on their TikTok account, encouraging followers to treat themselves at home by mixing up a pitcher of their own.

In my many visits to Disney World, I had never tried POG juice, so on a recent visit, I headed to Tambu Lounge to try it out. The drink is a beautiful, pink-orange color, and my bartender garnished it with fruit and an edible flower. Before I even tasted POG juice, the smell called up memories of all-inclusive resorts I've visited, where an array of sliced tropical fruit is placed out with the breakfast buffet.

And the taste? I'd describe the POG juice blend as heavy on the guava flavor, with the orange and passion fruit hanging out in the background. I enjoyed my glass sans alcohol over ice, but at some Disney World locations, the blend is also used with sparkling wine for a more grown-up treat.

After leaving the Polynesian Resort, I was ready to head home and try my hand at making my own POG juice, right in my kitchen.

POG juice is a blend of passion fruit, orange and guava juices.
POG juice is a blend of passion fruit, orange and guava juices.Terri Peters

I followed the Disney Parks Blog recipe, which involves mixing four cups of each type of juice in a large pitcher, and served my at-home version in a glass with ice, garnished with an orange slice and a cute paper umbrella.

Even with some tropical storm weather blowing through my Florida town, sitting on my back patio drinking the juice felt like a relaxing escape.

My at-home version of POG juice — mixed with a little spiced rum.
My at-home version of POG juice — mixed with a little spiced rum.Terri Peters

So, how does Disney's recipe stack up to the real deal?

I thought the color of my creation was slightly more on the pink side than the one I drank at Disney. The tropical fragrance and the taste, however, were on point.

And, while I didn't try the mimosa version, I did mix some POG juice with spiced rum for a sweet, laid-back cocktail.

My kids were fans of my POG juice, too. I can already imagine making it alongside some Mickey Mouse waffles for breakfast the next time we have overnight guests. (Yes, when Disney World was closed earlier in the pandemic, I bought my own Mickey waffle maker. I regret nothing.)

Whether you're a Disney fan dying to recreate your favorite juice at home, or you've never tried it, I think you'll find a mini tropical escape in creating the colorful concoction.