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Delta Air Lines will soon offer free cocktails to coach passengers — with a catch

The airline just added an exciting amenity to select flights.
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Delta airlines will now offer free alcoholic beverages to coach passengers on international flights.Joe Raedle / Getty Images
/ Source: TODAY

Flying coach just got a bit more exciting for Delta Air Lines' customers.

Starting this November, passengers flying in coach on the airline will be treated to a complimentary "Welcome Aboard" drink right after departure — and the options will even include one alcoholic beverage.

While sitting back and starting their voyage, passengers will be able to choose between a sparkling wine cocktail with peach (aka a Bellini) or a bottled water as part of the airline's upgraded amenities.

But, there is one small catch to enjoying this specific amenity.

These new extras will only be offered to coach passengers on long-haul international trips lasting more than 6 hours and 30 minutes. The offering only applies to international flights (sorry, Hawaii-bound travelers!), but a few select shorter international flights will be offering the service, as well.

Coach passengers flying to international destinations on Delta already get free snacks and beverages (coffee, water, juice, etc.) on every flight over 250 miles. They also receive a complimentary meal that comes with beer, wine or spirits (which are also available throughout the flight), so the new amenities are more like special extras meant to enhance those super-long voyages.

Of course, Delta isn't the first airline to bring some premium offerings back to passengers seated in the largest cabin of an aircraft. Many airlines like American and JetBlue already offer some sort of freebie on board — from snacks, to non-alcoholic beverages — on most domestic flights. Hawaiian Airlines, which flies plenty of long-haul flights between the island state and the mainland, is also well-known for its generous free meals given to all classes.

Super-budget carriers like Spirit and Frontier, however, are known for charging for absolutely everything — from seat assignments to overhead bin space.

Delta coach customers will soon dine on upgraded dinnerware on international flights.
Delta coach customers will soon dine on upgraded dinnerware on international flights.Peter Garritano/Delta

Though Delta already offers meals on its long-haul flights, the addition of a welcome drink will come as a nice extra for coach passengers.

"Every customer and their loyalty is extremely important to us. We’re making investments across the board to ensure every customer feels valued throughout their experience — no matter where they’re sitting," Delta Corporate Communications Manager Savannah Huddleston told TODAY Food.

In addition to the welcome drink, coach passengers will also be treated to some additional first class-like amenities in November.

After takeoff, customers will receive a hot towel for freshening up and they'll also be treated to farewell chocolates upon departure. Delta is also rolling out a new "bistro-style" meal service, which includes a mix-and-match option with different appetizers and entrees. Another first-class touch? Coffee and tea service, along with dessert, will be served separately after the main meal. And instead of appearing on an old-school tray, meals will be served on a small platter ... with a placemat!