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These soft frosted sugar cookies are everywhere. But are they actually good?

These cake-like cookies are everywhere. But why?
/ Source: TODAY

Sometimes food debates disappear as quickly as they pop up. Others are pretty much constant. Take the ongoing discussion about those ubiquitous soft and chewy frosted sugar cookies, for example.

Though these cookies (which actually have a formal name — Lofthouse!) have been around forever, a debate about them has been going for at least two years on Twitter. The issue at hand? Whether these cake-like cookies are actually delicious or totally gross.

Lofthouse Cookies

Since these particular cookies are sold at so many national grocery chains, plus big-box retailers like like Walmart and Target, it seems like everyone has an opinion on these pillowy soft sugar bombs which are decorated with pastel frosting.

In 2017, a Chicago-based tweeter started things off when posting: "its that time of year again when stores sell these bottom of the barrel, flavorless piece of s--- things they have the nerve to call cookies."

Unlike traditional sugar cookies, Lofthouse cookies are made with both baking soda and baking powder to give them a fluffier, less crumbly texture. Many recipes also involve sour cream to keep them moist.

Though a cookie-cake hybrid might sound like a dream to many with a sweet tooth, when it comes to these grocery store staples, people are truly divided. The original tweet has since received more than 18,000 comments and nearly 40,000 likes.

Many were in agreement with the original tweet, complaining that the cookie itself has no taste, is too sweet or reminded them of Play-Doh.

Though the now-viral tweet was put out into the world in 2017, many people are still weighing in with their thoughts about fluffy, store-bought bakery item.

Some truly adore them.

Others just want want them to disappear forever.

Lofthouse is the most famous brand of this controversial cookie. The company describes its signature item as, "An incredibly soft sugar cookie with a sweet and colorful frosting..." and note that they are available in many colors and seasonal flavors like hot cocoa, strawberry shortcake, candy corn, red velvet and even birthday cake.

There are also lots of recipes for copycat versions online.

In addition to being available at Kroger and Meijer, Target's Market Pantry brand also makes its own version, and there's also a similar version at Publix.

The Lofthouse-style cookie is far from the first sweet snack to get the Internet riled up. People recently got into arguments about whether to lick or bite ice cream cones, as well as which type of brownie is better: a chewy one from the center of the pan or the crispy pieces pulled from the edges.