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Deal of the Day: 45 percent off the award-winning FoodSaver FM1510

It keeps fridge and pantry foods fresh up to two-times longer!
/ Source: TODAY

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Deal of the Day Image on TODAY, 12/18 - The FoodSaver
Deal of the Day Image on TODAY, 12/18 - The FoodSaverFoodSaver

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Deal of the Day: December 18

Foodsaver if offering 45 percent off their award-winning vacuum sealing system, which is originally priced at $80. Use the code TODAY2017 to redeem!

FoodSaver FM1510 Fresh Food Preservation System, $44 (normally $80), FoodSaver

Foodsaver on counter with all pieces

Discount code: TODAY2017

If you haven't heard of FoodSaver, let us enlighten you. It's an easy-to-use vacuum sealing system for leftovers, pantry ingredients, snacks and more, and it's been making a big splash among home cooks for years.

The FoodSaver FM1510 System helps keep pantry and fridge food fresh up to two times longer. Think strawberries that don't go bad after a few days. Yes, please! As result, it reduces waste and helps you save money. Fruits and vegetables that stay fresh longer mean you'll be taking less trips to the store to buy new produce.

Here's how it works: the gadget comes with 2 quart vacuum zipper bags, 2 gallon vacuum zipper bags, one 5 cup Tupperware container, one 8 cup Tupperware container and one product tray. You simply put the food you want to prepare in the containers or Ziploc bags and use the FoodSaver to create an air-tight vacuum seal around the items. This locks in flavor and nutrients while slowing decay.

Their website states that pantry ingredients like flour and sugar will last one to two years once vacuum sealed, as opposed to six months without. Cookies will last three to six weeks. In the fridge, cheese can last for up to four to eight months and lettuce will stay fresh for two weeks. Now we're talking!

The FoodSaver really is a game changer for home chefs of all levels.

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