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Deal of the Day: 20 percent off award-winning Entube Chili Paste

All-natural, vegan, paleo and so, so delicious.
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Entube Chili Paste
Entube Chili Paste

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Deal of the Day: December 8

Entube Chili Paste and Indian Curry Paste 2-Pack, $12 (normally $15, 20 percent off), Amazon

Entube Chili Paste Variety Pack

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The creators of Entube set out to reinvent age-old ethnic flavors from around the world and make them accessible to the modern (at home) chef. There aretwo Entube flavors featured in this deal today are their most popular: Indian curry and harissa. Both are made with all-natural, vegetarian, GMO free ingredients and each tube can be used in a variety of different ways.

The harissa is best spread on a breakfast sandwich, mixed with hummus, whisked into salad dressing or used as a spice rub. The Indian curry can be used as a glaze on top of Brussels sprouts or root vegetables, or as a marinade for fish. For more recipes, they have an entire section of their site dedicated to making delicious goodies like harissa meatballs, cucumber umetini cocktails and curry cauliflower.

These condiments have won both the Sofi Award in 2016 and the Gayot Top 10 Seasoning and Chili Paste award. Reviews on Amazon are equally as glowing. One commenter said, "So yummy on so much stuff!". We'll take it!

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Entube Chili Paste
Entube Chili Paste