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/ Source: TODAY
By Aline Peres Martins

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Coffee. Can't live without it.

Well, at least I can't. Every morning, I get to the office, log into my computer, take a Green Mountain dark roast K-cup, head straight to our kitchen's Keurig K-Select and brew a strong cup. Then, and only then, can I start my work day.

The weekends are no different. Coffee comes first.

That being said, I'm very excited for National Coffee Day — September 29. Specifically, I'm excited for the National Coffee Day discounts.

The deals have already started: Walmart discounted a bunch of K-cups, including the Green Mountain variety I drink. Usually a 72 count pack of K-cups costs around $34. But, Walmart discounted it to $30. It might not seem like a huge discount, but when you drink coffee twice a day (like me) it adds up!

Green Mountain Dark Roast (72 K-Cups), $30, Walmart

The Original Donut Shop Regular (72 K-Cups), $30, Walmart

Green Mountain Coffee Breakfast Blend (72 K-Cups), $30, Walmart

Newman's Own Organics Medium Roast (72 K-Cups), $30, Walmart

The discount brings the cost of a single cup of coffee down to 41 cents. That's cheaper than any cup from a coffee shop.

There are also a few specialty blends on sale:

Tully's Coffee Hawaiian Blend (32 K-Cups), $15, Walmart

Green Mountain Coffee Pumpkin Spice (48 K-Cups), $20, Walmart

Inevitably, I spent a good portion of my paycheck on the caffeinated drink. So, for any caffeine-dependent folks like me, this deal means real savings.

Hey, at least coffee is good for you.