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Deal Alert: Stock up on oatmeal for the winter while it's 30 percent off

What's better than a warm bowl of oatmeal on a chilly morning?
/ Source: TODAY

For many years I was terrible at eating breakfast. Whatever the opposite is of a morning person (zombie?), that's me.

Then, three winters ago, I discovered the magic of instant oatmeal, which transformed my fall and winter mornings.

If you're an oatmeal lover like me, it's your lucky day, because Quaker oats are up to 30 percent off on Amazon.

For instance, a 32-count organic variety pack with only the good flavors — apple and cinnamon, maple brown sugar and original — costs just $10 right now. That comes out to about 33 cents per pack. Pretty cheap breakfast, if you ask me.

It usually retails for about $14.

Quaker Oatmeal Organic 32-Count Variety Pack, $10 (usually $14), Amazon

Even better, if you opt to get the non-organic version, you can pick a 48-count box for around $9. That's a lot of oatmeal.

Quaker Oatmeal 48-Count Variety Pack, $9, Amazon

I form strong opinions on everything from litter boxes to Halloween candy, and have no problem admitting to the world that I think Quaker oats are the bomb. Growing up my dad always had a box of peaches and cream Quaker oatmeal packages that he ate every morning for breakfast. To be honest, I dislike that flavor (brown sugar or bust, my friends). So, I steered clear of the stuff for my entire childhood. But, now that I'm an adult, I know that Dad was onto something.

Instant oatmeal is cheap, convenient, easy to eat on-the-go and can help lower high cholesterol — which runs in my family and explains my dad's daily breakfast. The world's oldest family apparently even says it's the secret to longevity. Sign me up!

Plus, frankly, a bowl of oatmeal on a cold day can be very comforting. When it's in the microwave, it even makes your house smell nice, with limited effort. That's why it is, and always will be, a staple in my winter pantry. Thanks, Dad.