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Dad shares awe and excitement after first trip to Costco

The big-box store has found itself a new customer!
/ Source: TODAY

Grocery shopping should always be this fun.

A Los Angeles man is going viral, thanks to a video capturing his pure joy after going to Costco for the first time.

Tom Musto, 49, couldn’t contain his excitement when showing off what he bought and how cheap everything was at the big-box store.

Musto’s son, TJ, 25, said he went to the store because they have big Sunday dinners and his dad’s friend, Stephanie, suggested they go to Costco to get ready.

“I got a call from him at the store, saying, ‘Hey, so you ever hear of a place called Costco? It’s incredible here!'” TJ told TODAY about a conversation he had with his dad while he was at the store.

Costco dad
Tom Musto loved his first experience at Costco.Courtesy of TJ Musto

Once he returned home, Tom started raving about everything he bought and TJ, who posted the video clip on Twitter, started recording.

“He was saying, ‘You won’t believe this and you won’t believe that,’” TJ said.

Tom spent $75 and believes he saved about $30.

There’s one item in particular that really captivated the elder Musto — paper plates.

“Get him started on that and he’ll go on for 10 minutes,” his son said.

Naturally, Tom plans to get his own Costco card, reports TJ. "(He) looks forward to saving more in the future."

A lot of people who’ve seen the video also complimented Tom on how handsome he is, which TJ says has had quite an impact on his father, who is in the midst of a divorce after being married for 15 years.

“He’s taking it in stride. It’s helped his confidence,” TJ said about the response. “He’s trying new things. He’s such a genuine guy.”