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Curtis Stone grills juicy steak to serve on sandwiches, pesto crostini and more

Chef Curtis Stone grills up flavorful rib-eye steak to serve in banh mi-style sandwiches and atop flavorful crostini with pesto.
/ Source: TODAY

Mondays just got meatier. On this week's installment of TODAY's Make-Ahead Monday series, chef Curtis Stone shares a few of his favorite recipes that use tender grilled steak in creative and flavorful ways. He turns leftover rib-eye into Vietnamese-inspired sandwiches and savory crostini with a peppery pesto sauce.

Curtis Stone's top tips for cooking steak

1) Be generous with the seasoning

It's impossible to season the inside of a steak, so seasoning the outside is really important. It's also going to help give you that gorgeous crust you're looking for. Always season steaks with salt and pepper on both sides.

2) Add olive oil, but don't overdo it

You don't need a lot of oil. I like to rub a little bit over the steaks, but some people prefer to brush it over the grill to prevent the meat from sticking.

3) Let the cookware do the work

For a nicely caramelized crust, once you put the steak in the pan or on the grill, don't mess with it. the meat needs to stay in contact with the grill or pan for at least a minute to develop any real color.

4) Rest steaks on a rack, not on a plate

Rest cooked steaks on a wire rack over a baking sheet so they're not sweating in their own juices. Don't skip this step — it's the key to a perfectly succulent and juicy steak.

There are no special secrets or complicated techniques needed to cook the perfect steak. You just need heat, seasoning, a little patience and a great cut of meat, of course.

This sandwich includes many of the flavorful elements and textures of a classic banh mi, but I use juicy steak instead of pork. The fresh herbs and tangy sauce take this sandwich to the next level.

These meaty bites are so easy to put together but the recipe still includes lots of fresh and flavorful ingredients. They're so satisfying and just perfect for an easy lunch or light dinner — or even as an appetizer.

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