Cupcake bouquets: WATCH this amazing dessert trend come to life

/ Source: TODAY

We've already shown you loads of amazing, trendy desserts available across the country right now, including glorious chocolate babka, crazy doughnuts, over-the-top chocolate cake and technicolor Thai ice cream rolls. But now it's on to cupcakes!

That's right: What's old is new again. The first cupcakes craze may have hit the U.S. years ago, but now they're back in the most gorgeous form we've ever seen! In this episode of Hot Dish, TODAY spotlights the amazing bouquets of cupcakes at Baked Bouquet in Verona, New Jersey.

Yes, these bouquets aren't made with any old flowers — they're made with beautifully decorated cupcakes.

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It starts with baking up simple vanilla or chocolate cupcakes — and then the magic happens! A batch of ultra-rich buttercream frosting is whipped up until perfectly creamy.

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Then the frosting is carefully piped on top of each cupcake to create delicate roses, hydrangeas and petunias. Sunflowers get a sparkly finish with shimmering sugar.

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To complete the effect, the cupcakes are mounted on a vase, and decorated with tiny fresh flowers. The result is stunning! Watch the video to see how they're made!

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