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Crocs just released KFC clogs – and they actually smell like chicken

What could be better than toes that smell like fried chicken?
/ Source: TODAY

Anyone sniffing out the hottest fashion trends this season is about to get a whiff of something surprising and savory.

Crocs' limited-edition Kentucky Fried Chicken clogs are finally here — and they look good enough to eat (but we wouldn't recommend that).

The shoe design first debuted at New York Fashion Week in February alongside other streetwear-meets-food collaborations like Supreme's limited-edition Oreos. South Korean artist Me Love Me A Lot, or MLMA, wore the sky-high platform Bucket Crocs in New York and also appeared in a commercial for the shoes where she can be seen removing the shoes from a sizzling deep fryer.

Both the heeled Crocs and regular version have a fried chicken pattern and come with drumstick-scented Jibbitz charms attached to the top.

According to the shoemaker, the platform Crocs are not for sale. Instead, they were only distributed to celebrities like Kim Kardashian as part of KFC's promotion in late winter. Kardashian showed off the same shoes in her Instagram stories on March 5 after receiving them in a giant glass box, People reported.

For all those Kentucky Fried Chicken fans who prefer a more comfortable Croc at ground level, Crocs announced it will release the shoes online nationwide this Tuesday at noon. Orders of $35 or more will ship for free.

The KFC Crocs cost $60 and include two charms, which isn't much pricier than a classic $45 set of the colorful clogs. The brand would not disclose whether the smell of chicken wears off after a few years.

Kentucky Fried Chicken x Crocs

Maybe KFC Croc wearers still have some leftover SPF to lather on from the brand's Extra Crispy Sunscreen released in 2016.

Clearly, these Crocs are hot. But don't get too hungry just yet. The fine print states these Crocs "are not for human consumption," unlike the unbelievably realistic Crocs-themed cake confusing the internet.

One tweeter called the design a dog's dream.

And yet, it might be some humans' dreams, too.

For some fried chicken fans, this may be the most exciting thing to happen since Colonel Sanders' nephew leaked the chain's secret recipe.

Maybe, just maybe, a shoe that smells like fried chicken was the colonel's vision all along.