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Creative coffee! How to make a latte heart design at home

Show some love for your favorite brew by learning how to make a latte art heart.
/ Source: TODAY

Sure, you could go ahead and make your usual cup of joe, but show off your love for coffee by learning how to make a latte topped with a beautiful foam heart. It's easier than you think!

Latte Art Heart
Alessandra Bulow / TODAY

Lucky for us, the talented barista Jarrah Aitchison from New York City’s Bluebird Coffee Shop was kind enough to give us a tutorial so you can make heart-topped coffee for all of the coffee lovers in your life today.

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How to make a latte art heart: Step-by-step

Parlor Coffee at NYC's Bluebird Coffee Shop
Alessandra Bulow / TODAY

Select your favorite beans that you will use to make espresso. At Bluebird, the baristas use Parlor Coffee from Brooklyn, New York.

Grind coffee beans into a fine powder to make espresso
Alessandra Bulow / TODAY

Grind the beans into a fine powder before brewing the espresso. Alternatively, you can reconstitute instant espresso with boiling water.

Pour espresso into a large coffee cup
Alessandra Bulow / TODAY

Pour the espresso into a coffee cup with a wide mouth and set aside.

Froth warm milk for the latte
Alessandra Bulow / TODAY

Using the steam wand of an espresso machine or a handheld frother (which you can buy for as low as $10), aerate a cup of warm milk in a small pitcher for 3 to 7 seconds until there are no large bubbles. The creamy liquid should look like glossy white paint.

Tap and swirl to remove air bubbles from warm frothed milk
Alessandra Bulow / TODAY

Gently swirl the pitcher and lightly tap its bottom on your counter until there are no visible bubbles.

Pour a dollop of steamed milk into espresso
Alessandra Bulow / TODAY

Immediately pour a dollop of the milk into the cup with the espresso.

Swirl cup to combine espresso and steamed milk
Alessandra Bulow / TODAY

Swirl the cup two to three times to combine the milk and espresso.

Backdrop for latte art
Alessandra Bulow / TODAY

The result will be a solid light brown color that will be the backdrop for your design.

Tilt the coffee cup then pour milk into the center until a large white circle appears
Alessandra Bulow / TODAY

With one hand, tilt the cup at an angle and hold firmly. With your other hand, hold the pitcher so the spout is about one-inch away from the surface of the espresso-and-milk mixture. Pour the milk into the center of the cup until a solid white circle appears.

To create the bottom point of a heart, raise the pitcher and pour the milk in a straight line away from you
Alessandra Bulow / TODAY

When the cup is about three-quarters full, raise the height of the pitcher by an inch and pour the milk away from you to cut through the center and make the bottom point of the heart. Enjoy!