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3 creative brunch recipes to impress family and friends

Upgrade breakfast with baked bananas foster French toast, loaded potato waffles and granola-topped smoothie bowls.
/ Source: TODAY

With Easter and Mother's Day just around the corner, the TODAY Table chefs have brunch on the brain. Whether you're hosting a special spring event or just want to make the weekends more fun, Elena Besser, Kevin Curry and Priyanka Naik are in the TODAY All Day kitchen cooking up the ultimate brunch menu. Whether you're Team Sweet or Team Savory, these three recipes will win over any hungry diners.

First up, Besser bakes rich, custardy French toast served with a sweet bananas foster sauce. Then Curry gives waffles a savory spin with a recipe inspired by cheesy, loaded baked potatoes. And Naik whips up a variety of fruity smoothie bowls with a crunchy granola topping.

Kevin Curry's crispy potato waffles

Crispy bacon, mashed potatoes, melty cheese and chopped scallions give these waffles all the flavor of a classic loaded baked potato. Greek yogurt and whole wheat flour help keep the dish on the lighter side. One bite and you may never go back to eating sweet waffles again!

Elena Besser's bananas foster French toast bake

I love this recipe because it is a great way to use up bread that is going stale and make a fabulous breakfast dish. It can be prepped the night before and finished in the oven in the morning while you're making the bananas foster sauce. Plus, the flambé moment is a really fun entertaining trick for a crowd!

Priyanka Naik's saffron granola and rainbow smoothie bowls

When it comes to brunch, I love a wow-factor moment. These rainbow smoothie bowls are gorgeous but each has just a handful of ingredients. The base for all of these fruity smoothie bowls is frozen coconut milk cubes. They add a tropical, creamy base while still keeping them vegan.

Saffron-Cardamom Granola

Granola is always great but this recipe makes it that much better. Fragrant saffron, warm spices and crunchy nuts are just the tip of the flavor iceberg. This crunchy concoction gets even more taste and texture from healthy seeds, toasty coconut and dried fruit.