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Craig Melvin is adamant about what belongs — and doesn't belong — in grits

"Sometimes you can’t sit in silence when the people you care about have clearly lost their way."
/ Source: TODAY

Craig Melvin isn’t going to sugarcoat his take on a classic breakfast.

The TODAY anchor responded to a tweet from CNN political commentator (and fellow native South Carolinian) Bakari Sellers that sugar should go on grits.

“Sugar belongs in grits. I’m on this hill forever,” Sellers tweeted Tuesday.

“Sometimes you can’t sit in silence when the people you care about have clearly lost their way,” Melvin tweeted in response. “Only thing that goes in grits are butter, salt, pepper, maybe some of your bacon, sausage, or cheese. Sugar?!?!? C’mon, man!”

Craig's gritty take on this breakfast debate has incited more passion than the three bears felt when they came home and discovered Goldilocks had chowed down on their porridge. Craig's comments led to scores of folks showing their support.

"I’m gonna jump right in this South Carolina conversation," someone wrote. "Let’s leave that sugar on the shelf. @craigmelvin listed all of the appropriate ingredients."

"You tell it sir! This is NOT CREAM OF WHEAT! You keep preaching that truth," another person wrote. "Say it on the air tomorrow. I got your back!"

"Sugar is for oatmeal, never in the Grits," someone else wrote. "Signed born and raised in SC. Gotta go with @craigmelvin on this one."

"Yeah I got time for this fight too sugar in grits is a travesty and you should be reported to the Grit committee for this offense," another disgusted person chimed in.

"Oh agreed! No sugar. Butter, salt and pepper… the end," one other person wrote. "Maybe a little cheese for shrimp and grits. But nope… never sugar. Go bake a cake in that case."

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