The Cragel: Bagel, croissant hybrid equals '100% happiness'

The Cragel

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By Amy Eley

The competition for bizarre food hybrids has been fierce since Dominique Ansel brought the world the Cronut, but there's a new kid in town: the Cragel.

The Bagel Store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn unveiled the hybrid treat last fall — which is 50 percent bagel and 50 percent croissant — but it just started to gain attention this week, after bloggers on Gothamist and elsewhere discovered its existence.

And it's just the first of many bizarre carbohydrates the store has planned.

"The Cragel is the marriage of a croissant and a bagel," Ross Helrich, who is an assistant to The Bagel Store's owner, told "It's 100 percent happiness."

It's a tricky task to create something that has the delicate flakiness of a croissant but can also be sliced without falling apart. Fortunately, The Bagel Store was up to the task, and after a rigorous process of testing prototypes, the Cragel was born. "It can be had as a breakfast sandwich, served with jam, whatever your heart desires," said Helrich. 

Proving they're not tired of the food hybrid trend quite yet, New Yorkers are heading to Williamsburg to put the $2.95 Cragel to the test. 





And get ready for more creative treats. For Valentine's Day, The Bagel Store will be rolling out the "Roses are Red" bagel, made with real rose petals, while the "Jameson Whiskey Bagel" will be available on St. Patrick's Day. 

"These are not your father's bagels," said Helrich.