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Cotton Candy grapes are on sale at Costco and people are seriously freaking out

These super-sweet grapes are only in season for a few months.
/ Source: TODAY

They’re baaack ... and in bulk!

Cotton Candy grapes, which have enjoyed an almost cult-like following in recent years, are now available at select Costco warehouses around the country.

For the uninitiated, Cotton Candy grapes are made by cross-breeding different kinds of grapes to create an extra-sweet variety that tastes and smells just like the classic, spun sugar carnival treat. Trust us, they are really, really sweet and juicy so if tart isn't your thing, try these.

People are seriously passionate about these seedless, designer grapes.

So when Costco recently posted the news on Instagram, Cotton Candy grape fans basically lost their minds, posting comments like “I NEED THEM” and “Yes! I’ve been waiting for this all year!” and “Omg, heart has been longing for these.”

In previous seasons, Cotton Candy grapes have only been available starting in August from the California-based grower Grapery.

But this summer, another company, Divine Flavor, has been selling them since May, so people can stock up right now. Divine Flavor is selling the grapes in 2- and 3-pound clamshell boxes, according to their website, as well as in 16-pound variable weight bags for the truly committed.

Many grape lovers enjoy this little balls fresh, but they taste great frozen, too.

Before heading out to the store, Costco recommends calling your local warehouse to check on the fruit's availability, as these fresh green treats are apparently flying off the shelves.

Cotton Candy grapes
People are obsessed.@graperygrapes/Twitter

Luckily, shoppers have also spotted Cotton Candy grapes at other stores, including branches of Whole Foods, Sprouts, Kroger, Sam’s Club and Publix.

If cotton candy isn’t your jam, Grapery makes other grapes called Gum Drops, which also boast a “luscious candy-sweet flavor.”

Grapes that taste like candy? Yes, please!