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Costco is removing a popular item from its food court — and people are really upset

The discount retailer is focusing on healthier snacks.
Hot dogs at Costco
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/ Source: TODAY

Beware the wrath of Americans who are denied their summer hot dogs.

Case in point: Costco is removing the popular Polish hot dog from its food court menu and the internet is absolutely furious.

Though the move is being made by Costco to bring in healthier snack options, the outpouring of anger at Costco's hot dog decision has been pretty vicious and many comments on Twitter are filled with expletives.

It's not like Costco is going to stop serving hot dogs all together, though. Its all-beef frankfurter is staying on the menu and will still be offered with a soda for only $1.50.

Many stores in California and the Northwest have already phased out the Polish hot dog. A representative for Costco declined to comment to TODAY Food's inquiries about the changes, so we made some calls around the country to find out the status of the Polish hot dog. Some stores, like the Costco in Middleton, Wisconsin, never served the Polish hot dog, as brats are still the tubed meat of choice. And in Minneapolis, the Polish hot dog was removed from the menu three years ago.

But now the anger is real.

While some are lashing out at Costco in fury, others are just plain sad that the Polish hot dog is going away. One person said they felt the loss was "worse than a heartbreak."

To add fuel to the fire, a Coscto executive confirmed that the Polish dog is being discontinued to make way for new healthier items like an acai bowl and a meatless salad, according to the Seattle Times.

Let's just say, the response to the new options has not been welcoming.

Now, people are threatening not to eat at the food court.

One person even started an online petition to save the Polish hot dog, and wrote, "I, myself am appalled that the Polish dog is soon to be gone... taking [it] off the menu leaves a void that can not be replaced."

So far, over 1,600 people have signed it.