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Costco has 26-pound buckets of mac and cheese just in time for holiday dinners

One tub has a shelf life of 20 years!
Giant Costco Mac and Cheese
Costco sells 26-pound buckets of mac and cheese from Chef's Banquet.Costco
/ Source: TODAY

Holiday dinners are all about the sides, and no matter how much ham and turkey is on the table, it’s additions like the mac and cheese that will be sure to go first.

As Thanksgiving shopping is upon us, menu planning is as well, and for those with families that love a lot of mac and cheese, there’s now a package large enough for an army.

A 26-pound tub of Chef's Banquet brand mac and cheese is selling for $89.99 at Costco, which may seem like a lot to charge for noodles and cheese, but this is one package that will go the mile. It can last up to 20 years if stored in a cool and dry space and includes six 30-serving sealed pouches … meaning they don’t even have to be used all at once!

The giant tub works out to 180 servings of gooey mac and cheese perfection at about $0.50 per serving. For those who want to switch things up, the elbow pasta and cheddar cheese sauce come in individual packages, so each can also be used in different dishes. For example, the sauce packets can come in handy if you wanted to prep for an emergency and wanted to have years of base for future queso needs.

While having enough mac and cheese to feed dozens this holiday season may seem daunting, this tub is here to satisfy every hungry eater's cheese and carb craving.

Costco is known for super-sized versions of all sorts of snacks and treats, like their 2-pound doughnut or giant lobster claws.

Time to get shopping: Lobster claws with mac and cheese and a giant doughnut for dessert sounds rather divine.