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Costco's new sparkling waters look a lot like LaCroix — but cost way less

Love LaCroix? Now there's a cheaper version available at the big box retailer.
/ Source: TODAY

Seltzer, club soda, sparkling water, soda water and pretty much every fizzy, no-calorie drink have become national obsessions fueled by lovers of carbonation.

With its colorful packaging and wide array of fruit flavors, LaCroix has led the charge for water-guzzling millennials. Now Costco is getting in on the act with new products that are very similar — yet cost way less.

The Costco enthusiast behind the blog The Costco Connoisseur recently discovered three new Kirkland Signature brand sparkling waters that look like dead ringers for LaCroix.

The new waters are offered in lemon, grapefruit and lime flavors — all flavors that LaCroix makes. But the products are also packaged in shiny, colorful aluminum cans that seem very similar to LaCroix's and even have a background pattern that resembles that of the sparkling waters' signature look.

Costco's sparkling waters are all also calorie-, sodium- and sweetener-free. Plus, the packaging uses the same wording, stating that the sparkling waters are "essenced" with fruit and other natural flavors.

But when it comes to price, the two brands are very different. The Kirkland Signature sparkling waters costs 30 percent less than the LaCroix sparkling waters sold at Costco. At the Costco that The Costco Connoisseur visited in Manassas, Virginia, the generic brand was being sold for $7.49 for a 32-pack that includes lemon, lime and grapefruit flavors (23 cents per can), whereas a 24-pack of LaCroix is sold for $7.99 (33 cents per can).

As for taste, according to the blogger, Kirkland Signature's lemon and lime flavors "tasted exactly the same" as LaCroix. But the grapefruit flavor was another story: "It was a slightly different grapefruit flavor than what I was used to from the La Croix pamplemousse sparkling water — not bad mind you, just different."

Besides the price, the biggest difference noted was the size of the bubbles. "The Kirkland Signature sparkling waters seem to have more carbonation than the La Croix waters," she wrote.

Overall, it seems that the new Costco sparkling waters are worth a try, especially for people who go through multiple cans of LaCroix in a day — don't worry you're not the only one!

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