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Is this the correct way to make a cheeseburger?

Cheese on the grill? Cheese on the bun? It's become a burger debate.
/ Source: TODAY

Is everything you know about making a cheeseburger wrong?

A blog post by Deadspin's Chris Thompson has raised the debate about the best time in the grilling process to slap the piece of cheese on there to melt and also whether you should even be putting it directly on the burger first or on the bun instead.

Thompson's verdict goes against the common wisdom that you put the cheese on top of the burger after you flip it for the final time on the grill. It sounds like blasphemy to most backyard chefs, but let him explain.

"The cheese does not need a lot of heat to melt, and there will certainly be enough residual heat in the patties to melt the cheese when the patties go into the sandwiches,'' he wrote. "When you turbo-charge the melting process, all you wind up with is a burger with cheese that is melted too thinly over the top and is all folded up and congealed on the side of the burger.

Is slapping the cheese on the burger while it's still on the grill the best way to make a cheeseburger? Getty Images

"So you get a nice big cheesy bite of burger when you bite into the sides, but the middle of the burger—which should be the most delicious part—is shamefully cheese-less."

He suggests putting the cheese on the inside of the top bun right before you pull the burger off the grill, and then lay the burger on to the cheese and put your condiments on the bottom bun.

"The cheese, as it melts, adheres to the porous top of the bun,'' he wrote. "There will be uniform cheese thickness across the entire burger, so that as you eat the burger you get the delicious creaminess of cheese in every bite."

Is he right? Let us know what your preferred method of making the perfect cheeseburger on the grill.

Judging by the early results of our poll, TODAY viewers are staunchly in favor of putting the cheese on the burger while it's still on the grill.

You can try both methods yourself while making these four delicious cheeseburger recipes, or give this tasty pimento cheeseburger a shot.

Or you could skip the whole controversy entirely by making a five-ingredient inside-out bacon cheeseburger with the cheese in the center of the burger.

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