Cookies for breakfast?! These power-packed snacks are a healthy start

/ Source: TODAY

Pssst… hey… wanna make your kids' day? Tell them they're getting cookies for breakfast! Baking up a batch of these nut- and fruit-filled goodies is easier than mixing and scooping out morning muffins, and more fun than sending everyone off to school with a packaged bar. Salty, sweet and chewy, they're like trail mix and dessert rolled into one — with no more butter in each cookie than you'd spread on your toast in the morning! They also have less sugar per serving (9 grams) than most packaged cereal and granola bars, and clock in at just around 150 calories apiece.

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Casey Barber

For an extra hit of savory flavor, sub in smoked almonds for regular toasted nuts, and for a sweet indulgence, replace the dried fruit with mini chocolate chips or peanut butter chips. (For special occasions only…)

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