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Cookie Monster reveals the 1 cookie he'd never eat in a hilarious chat with fans

The beloved "Sesame Street” character talked about his diet and his favorite celebs during a Reddit "Ask Me Anything."
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MIAMI, FL - AUGUST 19: Cookie Monster is seen on the set of "Despierta America" at Univision Studios on August 19, 2016 in Miami, Florida. (Photo by Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images)Alexander Tamargo / Getty Images
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Fans of the one and only Cookie Monster received the ultimate sweet treat Wednesday evening when the beloved "Sesame Street" character answered questions about his career, his eating habits and his Hollywood pals during a Reddit AMA (short for "Ask Me Anything").

Though humans are usually the ones responding to random queries during the popular chats, as the discussion started, the famous blue monster proved to his fans that it was really him at the keyboard.

When one fan asked Cookie Monster if his cookie-gobbling habit interferes with his ability to teach kids about making healthier eating choices, Cookie Monster set the record straight on why it's important to maintain a balanced diet.

"Me always be Cookie Monster. Me am what me am. Me love cookies, but me and me friends know cookies are a sometimes food. Me also eat fruits, veggies, and all sorts of stuff. Me monster, me not picky!" he said.

Of course, "Sesame Street" viewers who have watched Cookie Monster visit friends and neighbors in his food truck know that he often advocates for a well-rounded diet, despite his obvious love for one round food.

Another fan noted that celebrities are constantly visiting "Sesame Street," and wondered if any of them had ever given Cookie Monster cookies as a gift? "Me friends have surprised me with lots of cookies! Sir Ian Mckellan [sic] even gave me two cookies!" Cookie Monster answered.

Over the years, Cookie Monster has opened up about his affinity for baked goods in dozens of memorable songs, but none have warmed his heart more than "C is for Cookie."

So who would he most like to join him on a duet of song? The Mother of all Little Monsters herself — Lady Gaga!

"Me would love to sing duet with Lady Gaga. Me and me friends are monsters after all," Cookie Monster replied. He added, "Me hope she see dis!"

We hope so, too, Cookie.

Outside of Reddit, Cookie Monster has certainly been keeping up with the times. When Ariana Grande released her hit song "Thank U, Next," he had the perfect response:

And he recently took part in the viral 10-year challenge, proving once and for all that blue monsters age pretty well:

But on Wednesday, it's not surprising that most of the questions revolved around food. When asked whether he prefers crispy or soft cookies, Cookie Monster hilariously replied, "Yes."

When asked the deeply personal question about if there was a ever cookie that he would never eat, Cookie Monster shocked fans by admitting there was one treat he'd pass on: "Me draw the line at Oscar the Grouch's sardine cookies."

So there you have it, no fish-flavored cookies for this furry blue friend. But everything else — especially his favorite "classic chocolate chippie" — is definitely on the table.