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After a record rise in stabbings, company develops kitchen knives with blunt tips

Some kitchen knives have been classified as "offensive" weapons in the U.K. This cutlery company found a solution.
/ Source: TODAY

Amid a rapid rise in knife-related crime, Viners cutlery has discovered a way to keep the kitchen (and hopefully the streets) a little safer with a new knife design.

This week, the Assure range made its debut on the company's website and it features six different knives, ranging from the versatile 8-inch chef's knife to a classic bread knife. Unlike many knives on the market, these sleek, stainless steel blades feature a non-stick coating to "reduce cutting friction."

But is a blunt-tipped knife really necessary? If you live in the U.K., maybe.

Viners' blunt-edge knives were created to not pierce the skin and make kitchens safer. Viners

In May 2019, the government passed the Offensive Weapons Act and made it illegal for citizens to "possess dangerous weapons in private," many of which included various types of knives that could be used for violent actions.

The act was enforced as a deterrent to climbing knife-related crimes, which peaked at a record high of 44,000 incidents in June 2019, up from 41,000 in June 2018, according to data from the U.K.'s Office for National Statistics.

As a result, kitchen knives became classified as an "offensive weapon" and those previously sold as a single unit (not as sets) were removed from the floors of many retail stores. But anyone who has suffered the plight of "avocado hand" knows how important it is to have a nice, high-quality chef's knife to avoid doing serious damage.

As a solution to make quality kitchen knives (that don't have to be purchased en masse) more accessible to U.K. residents under the Offensive Weapons Act, Viners' Assure collection was born. According to the company, it's "impossible to pierce the skin" with these knives and they supposedly underwent rigorous testing.

The knives range in price from 3.50 pounds to 14.50 pounds (about $4.55 to $18.90), which puts them at the lower end of the spectrum when it comes to kitchen cutlery.

Assure knives by U.K.-based cutlery company, Viners, make it impossible to pierce the skin with the tip.Viners

Aside from Viners' intention to potentially alleviate violence outside (or inside) the home, the knife's blunt-edged design may also appeal to parents who want to teach children how to cook or those who have a lot of little ones running around their kitchen. According to an Assure press release, the knives are "highly functional for the modern cook but shaped to reduce and prevent injuries, accidents and fatalities.”

Viners expects to start shipping its Assure line in February.