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College students' rare spherical egg is 'one-in-a-billion' and a viral hit

Four college students discovered an extremely rare egg, and immediately started posting on TikTok.
"I almost used it for scrambled eggs," said Konrad Christian, a junior at Kenyon College in Ohio.
"I almost used it for scrambled eggs," said Konrad Christian, a junior at Kenyon College in Ohio.Alexander Craner
/ Source: TODAY

After discovering a perfectly spherical egg, four college students have gone viral for several hilarious TikToks that center around the rare find.

First reported by the Kenyon Collegian, the egg has been dubbed the "savior of 2020" online, but the students involved told TODAY Food that the egg had almost been turned into breakfast before it went viral.

"I was going to make scrambled eggs one morning, and I opened up the carton of eggs and there was a perfectly spherical egg," said Konrad Christian, a junior at Kenyon College in Ohio. "I almost used it for scrambled eggs. But I was like, 'You know what, I'm going to wait a second and show my friends.'"

Christian said it was "lucky" he waited, because the boys quickly discovered that a perfectly round egg is extremely rare.


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"It was sitting in the fridge for like three days, and we just decided to look up what the chances of finding a spherical egg were," said Alexander Craner, also a junior. "We came across this article that said it was one in a billion, and that's when we decided to start making TikToks."

The videos started out simply enough, but quickly garnered a large audience, with some videos drawing tens of thousands of views.

The four roommates, who are renting a house together in South Carolina while their college classes are online, said that they're hoping to keep the egg for as long as possible. Currently, the boys are home for the holidays, so the egg is in the custody of roommate Michael Morgan while they try to keep it fresh.

"Five weeks is the expiration date," said Craner. "We found some (mineral) oil that can preserve eggs that we've been applying to it, so we're going to see how long we can keep it going for."

Craner said that the eventual goal is to sell the egg, citing a recent story in Great Britain where a perfectly spherical egg was sold for £480, or around $700.

Zane Monaghan, the fourth roommate in the house, said that there had already been some talk of buying accessories for the egg.

"We found a Chanel egg carton that was worth $5,000 and we thought it'd be a fun idea to (do a video of) the egg shopping for a new home," said Monaghan. "There's one comment that's like, 'Oh, someone start a GoFundMe to get the egg this carton,' and some people (seemed) serious about it. That's kind of the first sign of people actually, seriously wanting to bond with this egg, so hopefully that momentum stays when we actually want to sell it."

While the goal might be to sell the egg, the roommates said that they've been glad to see something positive go viral.

"We're trying to save 2020 here," joked Craner.

"Everyone's looking for some way to find joy," Monaghan added. "If it's something as silly as a one-in-a-billion spherical egg, we think it's just a good idea to spread positivity."